3 Pizzas (& Pasta) I Tried in Cape Town

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Today, I’ll be talking about one of my favourite things — food. I’ll be talking about 3 pizzas (& pasta) I tried while I was in Cape Town.

I had promised myself that while I was there I was going to try as many food spots and restaurants as possible. Even though my budget was almost non-existent (being unemployed and all), I had my sister spoiling me with all the good stuff!

FYI all the pizzas were better than most of the pizzas I’ve had in East London.

The following is a list of all the best pizzas I had in Cape Town and a few of my thoughts on each:

3 Pizzas (& Pasta) I Tried in Cape Town

NY Slice Pizza/ New York Slice Pizza

29 Kloof Street, Gardens

I remember the taste of that mouthwatering pizza topped with crushed garlic like it was yesterday.

The slice was HUGE and filling when accompanied with a drink, I had Appletizer.

You gotta try their pizza if you find yourself in Cape Town.

Nom Nom Pizza

166 Long Street, Cape Town City Centre

I tried this pizza closer to the end of my stay in Cape Town.

My sister ordered the one with avo, bacon and garlic — 3 of my favourite things!

Love Is Pizza

First off, just look at the pizza box. Isn’t it cute?

But if I remember correctly, I found the pizza itself to be underwhelming. I can’t even remember which flavour we ordered but I ended up adding a few ingredients from the fridge to my pizza slices.

Maybe we tried the wrong pizza from their menu… I don’t know.

If you’ve tried it let me know what you think.

Societi Bistro pasta

50 Orange Street, Gardens

My sister and I went to Societi Bistro for the pasta and movie special where your meal comes with a movie ticket for The Labia theatre (we watched the movie Old).

The pasta was rich and tasty and I absolutely loved it. I ordered the olive oil pasta ( I wanted to try something new).

I found the pasta delicious and let me just say they are pretty generous with their servings. Your girl was so full by the time we finished eating that I thought I’d fall asleep from itis during the movie.

The bistro itself was nice and cosy, my kinda vibe!

So there you have it, 3 pizzas and pasta that I tried while I was in Cape Town.

If ever you find yourself in Cape Town, you should give these a try. If ou you tried them, what did you think?

There are a hell of a lot more pizza places but I didn’t get the chance to try them all, maybe next time.

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