Great Tools And Resources I Run My Blog With

What I’ll Be Sharing In This Post:

  • What I use to generate blog post topics
  • Blog writing resources
  • Editing tools
  • Free stock image sites
  • Keyword tools
  • Where I share my content

My Blogging Tools & Resources — Tools I Use

What I Use To Generate Blog Post Ideas & Topics

  • I look at my older posts and see what more I can add and turn into a new post
  • I draw inspiration from life itself i.e conversations I have and overhear, books I’ve read, experiences, tv shows etc.
  • Other social media such as Twitter and Facebook based on things people write on there
  • solicit guest posts
  • interviewing other bloggers
  • Google searches

Blog Writing Resources

Editing Tools

  • It’s simple to use
  • Improves your writing by giving you suggestions to better phrase your sentences for easy reading
  • Your writing becomes easier for the reader to read
  • It’ll help you with your spelling and grammar and minimise such mistakes in your blog posts
  • Grammarly can be used for all the online writing you do using your laptop or computer. The plugin allows Grammarly access to the sites you use as well as the writing app on your PC. It helps you when drafting emails, letters, whatever writing you do while you’re online.

Where I Share My Content

  • a content generation strategy
  • blog writing resources
  • editing tools & software
  • places to get beautiful images
  • keyword tools
  • content sharing platforms

South African lifestyle blogger at and bibliophile

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Weird & Liberated

South African lifestyle blogger at and bibliophile

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