Where To Find New Blogs To Follow

If you’re looking for new blogs to follow then you’ve come to the right place.

There is an abundance of creative talent out there and as a result, an abundance of blogs. I come across new ones almost every day.

I follow a variety of blogs from lifestyle to health and fitness and I’ve found them in various places. Some I even discovered while looking for something else.

Where To Find New Blogs To Follow

WordPress Reader

If you’re a WordPress user, it’s super easy and simple to find new blogs to follow, you just need to check out Reader.

Reader is convenient because you can follow all the WordPress blogs you love in one place and find new blogs under “Discover”.

The Blog Comments Section

From what I’ve seen from my blog comments is that most people who read and comment on blog posts are bloggers themselves. This is why your blog comments section is a great place to find new blogs to follow.

You can also find new blogs to follow all over social media such as:


The blogging community on Twitter is buzzing!

I used to think Twitter was boring until I started a Twitter account for my blog and discovered an abundance of like-minded people in the blogging community on Twitter.


Guess what? Most people who use Pinterest and actually create pins are bloggers (or some form of website owner) and that is why Pinterest is a great source to utilise to find new blogs to follow.

The great thing about Pinterest is that you can save (pin) your favourite articles on your profile and easily find them when you want to read them.

You can find my Pinterest page here.


Most bloggers have Instagram pages and what I love about Instagram is that you’ll get to see some behind the scenes and get a peek into the lives of the individuals behind the blogs.

Follow me on Instagram!

Facebook Blogger Groups

Facebook has groups for bloggers where bloggers from all over join and interact so if you’re looking for new blogs, check Facebook groups.

Like the pages of the blogs that you like to stay up to date.

Here’s my Facebook page.


Bloglovin is fantastic! You can follow all the blogs you find fascinating without having new post notifications flooding your inbox.

If you’re on Bloglovin, follow Weird & Liberated.


Medium is a platform where all sorts of writers share their work and you can find bloggers on there as well.

The platform describes itself as “an open platform where readers find dynamic thinking, and where expert and undiscovered voices can share their writing”.

Medium is an awesome place to find all types of writers, not just bloggers!

If you want full access, you’ll have to pay and become a member. With the free version, there’s a limited number of articles you can read per month (3 locked stories free per month).

A Quick Google Search

Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it on Google and this includes blogs.

Do a quick Google search for whatever type of blog you’re looking for and see what comes up!

And if all else fails you can always just…

Ask For Recommendations

Asking people you know read blogs about the blogs they like and follow is a brilliant way to discover some new blogs you might like too.

Go ahead and ask your peers for blog recommendations.

So there you have it, all the places you can look to find new blogs to follow.

I hope this post will help you to discover some new and exciting blogs. Don’t forget to subscribe to the ones you love and show your support!

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See you later…

Originally published at http://weirdandliberated.com on October 15, 2021.

South African lifestyle blogger at weirdandliberated.com and bibliophile

South African lifestyle blogger at weirdandliberated.com and bibliophile